Mental Health


Southern Indian Health Council’s Mental Health Department is committed to providing the American Indian and Non-Indian clients/families with a trust-worthy, culturally sensitive, customer service oriented means to access behavioral healthcare.  Mental Health provides needs assessments and referral services to individuals (ages 5+), couples and families.  The mental health department practices a Trauma-Informed Care approach to therapeutic services.  In addition to needs assessments and referrals, the department offers crisis and early intervention services, prevention education, group therapy as needed and appropriate for various ages and therapeutic populations and individual, couples/relational and family therapy.  Services are accessed via a variety of entry points through other SIHC department referrals as well as via calls and direct referrals to the department.  Services are offered at both Alpine and Campo locations.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Prevention and Early Intervention provides events and programs that seek to educate and empower individuals and the community. These events focus on cultural pride through positive community service events and contacts while providing education and awareness about many different topics linking people to resources.

We believe total wellness means a strong body and a healthy mind!